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Systemic business coaching

Support in individual professional development, every person is unique and has a different approach

Professional reorientation: eg personal position determination, strength analysis and direction finding.


Clarify management tasks and skills, create the desired state of mind (solution of the discrepancy between target and actual goal).


Dealing with and resolving conflicts, e.g. leadership and / or project management


Career and professional development


Accompanying decisions and changes


Change of perspective


Stress management and prevention


Work-life balance, life purpose coaching, etc.

Intercultural business coaching

Raising awareness of a foreign culture


Confidence in dealing with business partners and colleagues from different backgrounds


Improve intercultural communication


Preparatory process for posting abroad (expatriate)


Accompanying specialists and managers in multinational companies and culture-specific coaching


Communicate in a targeted manner, e.g. language (phrases, peculiarities, behaviors, ...)


Different cultural working styles


Resolve conflicts and misunderstandings between colleagues in multinational teams / departments / locations.


Reintegration after work abroad


Alle Hände rein





Interkulturelle Coachings & Trainings




Culture is multi-layered. Every country has its "peculiarities" when it comes to living and working.


In order to communicate successfully with business partners in the target country and to conduct business, it is important to understand which values ​​and processes are important.


This is where intercultural coaching / training and workshops tailored to you and your company help.


Example workshop


Module 1

  • Cultural differences and similarities worldwide or in the target country.

  • Which intercultural skills do I already have and which ones would I like to raise / expand?

  • Role playing and trying out


Module 2

  • Cultural differences II, recognizing and using options for action.

  • Best practice examples of how theory can be put into practice

  • Stereotypes, how can that help me?


Module 3

  • Do's and don’t in the target country (business etiquette, etc.)

  • Work and lead in the target culture

  • Successfully carry out project management, negotiation, etc.

  • Tools for successful intercultural work


Module 4

  • Conflict management in other cultures, tailored to your target culture (s)

  • Presentations, lectures, meetings, take your audience with you and build a sustainable, successful relationship



Country training / intercultural training


Country training

Country-specific seminar tailored to your needs and target countries.


You and your employees learn how working with the "Locals" leads to success.


For this we work with role-playing games and situations from the target culture in order to show the most authentic cultural environment possible.


The motto here is to try it out and experience it yourself.


International team building

Working out the cultural differences and similarities together in your team.


The team then develops ways in which these differences and any misunderstandings can be used effectively to work better together.


We attach great importance to jointly developing the content and exercises that create trust and promote personal relationships between your participants.


Germany training 1x1 / integration training for foreign employees

The focus here is on your employees who come from abroad.


The training shows concrete ways how your foreign employees work better with their German colleagues. The aim here is to convey the cultural differences, to build understanding and trust.


Fun and interaction are the focus here when teaching the course content.


Cross-border training / cultural awareness

With an exchange of experiences and good stories, we compare the cultural differences.


Together we work out the do's and don'ts of the respective target culture.


Using practical strategies and tools, we give your employees helpful tools to help them overcome cultural obstacles.


The goal is professional orientation in other cultures.


Attention fun!


Global leadership

Multicultural teams fail grandly or do extraordinary things. This training is about your individual access to other cultures and foreign employees.


The goal is to expand your personal mindset and prepare your individual path to it.


This is how you really become an international leader.


And much more….


Other focal points and combinations for the workshops


  • Workshops individually tailored to you, to improve your intercultural team and project work

  • Successful change processes in an international context (Change Management International)

  • Short workshops to accompany international trade fair appearances, conferences and meetings

  • Conflict management across borders, how do I deal with difficult situations in an international context?

  • Workshop "Making international negotiations sustainable and successful".

  • International sales, challenges and opportunities.

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