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C³ Concept stands for  Business Coaching, Cross-Culture Coaching and Consultancy on the highest level. 


C³ Concept takes you as a person and leader as you are and gives you the opportunity to develop yourself.

Leaders who are serious about achieving the greatest possible impact have long understood that an outside view by a coach is an essential part of sustainable and profitable success. What do you need to take the next step? Business coaching for leaders takes you further.

Business coaching is as important as sports coaching, let's take a closer look at Cristiano Ronaldo. Through coaching in the areas of sport, fitness, nutrition and business, he is able to call for top performance both on and off the field. With Business Coaching from C³ Concept you can perform on the highest level (maybe you don't score that many goals). I make sure you are top in your field. By choosing the right tools, which are individually tailored to you, we put you on the right path.

Having a business coach is no longer just useful, it is also indispensable. Production processes are optimized, sales strategies are exhausted, but humans still have a lot of untapped potential (the only question is how do they find access to themselves and their wishes?). I support you at eye level and give you the opportunity to score the decisive goals.


Stay active, instead of suffering from the crisis!


Use your chance (even in times of crisis)

to get further!

Can't figure out your goals or how to get there at the moment?

You are looking for answers and solutions

C³ Concept offers you individual business coaching and consultancy for you and your company.


Portrait des jungen Mannes

Tom S., Leitender Angestellter, Logistik Branche, Österreich

After I moved from Germany to Austria, a lot changed professionally for me.
I had Alex at my side as a coach to support me.
This enabled me to set new professional goals and to get used to the change more easily.
Alexander Koch was able to empathize very well with my situation and help me to find out how I would like to continue my career.


Lisa Marie H.,



I work as a teacher in Austria and was able to take advantage of one-on-one coaching with Mr. Koch via video chat. I find the coaching atmosphere very pleasant and encouraging. Through the targeted coaching of Alex I was able to rethink and structure my work in the team and organizational issues.
In summary, I was very happy with the coaching units. I found the self-set goals after the units particularly helpful.

Dr. Sergio B., Energiewirtschaft, Deutschland / Brasilien

For an experienced professional, launching an international career may sound exciting, but it is challenging. Alexander Koch supported me during my integration in Germany, both cultural and business related aspects. With the tools developed during our time together, I could overcome the challenges that naturally occur in this transition. His help not only made a positive impact on the success of our lives, but also aided reducing stress for our family.

What makes C³ Concept special and how I support you in your project?

Due to my pronounced empathetic feeling, I can put myself into people / situations in an excellent way. I am an open, humorous, polite and appreciative person. I meet my counterpart at eye level. Position and salary are irrelevant. These qualities appreciate people with whom I work and live.


Each coaching is individually tailored to you. Depending on the type of learning, business context and challenge, your personal solution will be shaped. Together we will work out your specific steps and solutions for your special system. Because every person (including a manager) is unique.

Alexander Koch is a member and certified business coach of the dvct (German coaching association).

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